If you’re anything like me, I like to hear what other people have to say before choosing a new product or service. And while I would like to share reviews from my clients or have a place for feedback, ethical concerns about confidentiality and protecting the counseling relationship prevent me from including client reviews on my website. However, I decided the next best thing would be testimonials and comments from other mental health professionals who know me. One of the highest compliments I can receive as a counselor is when my colleagues send their friends and family to see me. This page also doubles as a way to connect to other providers when I need to refer people elsewhere.

“I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Corbin Humble for several patients in my practice. He provides excellent coordination of care. He is able to meet patients ‘where they are’ and develop quick rapport with his clients. He is able to work with many different types of patients and demonstrates high compassion and integrity.”

 Dr. Jennifer Morris, MD 

Edmond Psychiatric Associates

“It is my privilege to recommend Corbin Humble as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I worked with Corbin at the Oklahoma Christian Counseling Center in Oklahoma City for a period and found him to be caring, perceptive and genuine. From what I could tell, he was well liked by his clients. Corbin is genuinely concerned about growth in his clients and seeks opportunities to challenge them.”

 Joyce Sibley, Ph.D. Licensed Professional Counselor

Oklahoma Christian Counseling Center

“I have known Corbin for over 10 years and have worked with him professionally through different counseling agencies in the Oklahoma City area. We have Co-counseled families and it was at this time that I got to know and appreciate his counseling ethics, compassion for his clients and continued ability to give back to those in need of mental health services. I highly recommend Corbin to any of my friends, family members and have made referrals to him over the past few years for special counseling cases. I continue to trust and respect Corbin and make referrals whenever possible.”

 Penni Lancaster, Licensed Professional Counselor

Covenant Youth and Family Services

“As a therapist, I have referred people to Corbin and have heard very positive feedback. He is an excellent clinician, a man of character and he cares about people.”

Brent Ferris, M.S. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Oklahoma Christian Counseling Center

“Corbin and I started out as co-workers but have developed a lasting friendship. I would highly recommend Corbin to those needing guidance, understanding and a Christian perspective in life. He’s a GOOD man with a HEART for people.”

 Cindy Freeman, Business Manager

Oklahoma Christian Counseling Center

“Corbin is a genuine person and a skilled clinician. One of my jobs is making referrals to help clients find the right therapist in their area, and every person who’s gotten Corbin’s number from me has called grateful. I’ve seen and known couples and individuals who have benefited greatly from having him be their therapist and I whole heartedly believe you will too. He’s one of the good ones!”

Kevon Owen, M.A. Licensed Professional Counselor – Candidate



“I have known Corbin for over 10 years and he continues to amaze me with his patience. He is an amazing listener who truly desires to understand his clients and help them meet their needs. I believe that everyone could benefit from an hour a week spent with him. I know I could!”

Jill Nichols, M.A. Licensed Professional Counselor


“I have full confidence as an LPC and an LPC supervisor that Corbin Humble is a very capable and ethical professional. I have witnessed his seeking consultation and following, to the letter, the standards of licensure. I have recommended him to clients I’ve had and to companies I’ve worked for. I also have had the privilege of knowing him personally for more than thirteen years.”

Brian Litteral, M.A. Licensed Professional Counselor