Lying in bed sick one morning, with no other distractions, I just listened to my heartbeat for a while.

As I lay there, I pondered the nature of my heart.

It was utterly amazing to me when I seriously considered that my heart keeps beating, day after day, year after year, consistently working without a break.

My entire being depends on it, and it provides the breath of life to every part of my body.

The more I need it, the harder it works.

If I clog it with grease, it doesn’t complain, just works as hard as it can with what its got.

I would immediately die without it.


And then it struck me…

This is why the heart is the symbol for love.



My apologies for getting behind on blog updates. It has been a hectic month. I got a 30 day notice in September that my lease would be terminated, so I have been hunting for a new office location.

I eventually found a dream location in Bethany with the Bethany Counseling Center. They are a fantastic group of people, about 20 minutes closer to my home and with a wonderfully relaxing 5th floor view. I will officially be at this new location starting October 8th, 2017.

I have always wanted an office like this, but I was worried about how it would impact the people I visit with, many of whom live in Edmond. I was surprised and quite honored that 90% of the people I see were willing to continue seeing me, even if it meant a 20 minute longer drive each way.

So, hopefully once things get settled down and I have updated my address with all the insurance companies and the vast data repositories across the internet, I will try to get back to blogging a couple times a month.

In the meantime, here is a map of my old location and my new location, as well as a picture of the new building at 3908 N. Peniel, Ste 500, Bethany OK, 73008.