Short story: I have a new phone number (405)808-7180


Long story:

So, I recently got a taste of my own medicine.

I have only had one phone number for my whole life. That sort of thing becomes sort of personal, and it is plastered in a million places all over the internet and more. Many of my colleagues keep separate numbers for personal and business use and perhaps I would be wise to consider that.

A couple days ago, my phone got turned off. We have been on a family plan for many years through some extended in-laws. It was hard to pass up unlimited data and nearly free phones for $50/mo for both my wife and I. But this had happened a couple times before. Perhaps I should have heeded the warning signs earlier. This time I decided it was time to gain some independence and get my own lines. I thought it would be easy to keep my own number.

However, when I got to the phone store, I was informed that there was a $2200 outstanding balance. Since I was not the authorized user, I did not have a right to my number anymore, even though I had it before joining this plan. To get my number transferred, the full balance would have to be paid AND I would need permission from the primary user. However, due to drama that is not mine to share, I really had no feasible way to reach this person.

Thinking about how hard it would be to contact all my clients, and all the insurance companies, and every other institution I do business with, plus all the potential lost referrals, I was kind of like a deer in headlights for a little while. I considered paying the balance in the hopes I could then call the primary and get permission. I considered driving across the city to start trying to track down the primary, but it was too late to do anything that night anyway. Surely there had to be some solution to this horrible problem.

And then the kind agent we were working with said the magic word.

“You’re just going to have to ACCEPT this is happening.”

I felt like I was talking to myself in a counseling session. I couldn’t fight this after how many times I have talked to other people about acceptance. But man, acceptance is hard. It just takes time to sink in sometimes.

So, I accepted it and soon thereafter actually felt much less stressed and more liberated.

Personally, I kind of like my new number. It has a nice pattern in my mind.

(405) 808-7180

That’s my new forever number.

Now to spend the next few days contacting everyone.